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Olive is the founder and designer of  Olive Made bags.

Olive Gilbert


Favourite place on earth?
Sunday morning at the Columbia Road Flower markets in London would have to be up there. Good looking people with great outfits, carrying massive bunches of flowers… yum!

How would you describe yourself in five words?
Ambitious, Enthusiastic And Always Hungry.

How did Olive Made get started?
I’ve always loved to experiment my mum’s sewing machine. In year five at primary school I used to make button hair ties and sell them at lunch time. Then in high school it became pencil cases for friends. I went on to study Art History at uni but wanted to keep a creative outlet going. One night I ordered labels online, made an Instagram account and the pencil case idea grew into clutches and then backpacks and totes. I have girls who still use their high school pencil cases as makeup bags now and keep coming back to add new ones to their collection! What I love about making bags is that they’re a practical item. I like to think of my clutches as functional art pieces.

What’s your drink of choice?
A Vietnamese iced coffee on the way to my studio.

Where would we find you on a Sunday morning?
I’d like to think I’d be sleeping in or having a slow morning browsing at a market, but I’m usually still coming home from a night out…

What are your plans for the future?
I recently moved into a studio space in Footscray, Victoria so I want to set it up and establish it more before the warmer months hit. I find Summer is the best season for Olive Made because there’s so much colour about and time to be outdoors. Summer also means festival season which is always a fun time to play with new bag ideas!

Where do you feel most creative/ inspired?
I’ve only recently got my license so I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for the bus to come which has given me a healthy appetite for people watching! Growing up on the west side of Melbourne I’ve spent a lot of time eating and op shopping in Footscray. The diversity of people brings a lot of chaos and colour to the everyday street life which keeps things interesting. When you walk through the Footscray markets you watch people buy fruit and fill their baskets with bright pink plastic bags. It sparks new ideas for me – new textures and ways to play with fabric. The Vietnamese women with their trolleys and matching outfits are pretty impressive too.

Who is the women who you look up to and why?
I’ve always admired the work of Melbourne designer Beci Orpin (@beciorpin), her creative output is so diverse and she’s always finding new ways to play with shape and colour. The world of Instagram has opened up a whole new world of women doing cool things which provides daily inspiration and motivation for me. Some of my favourites are @werebros @sisterstudios @lisasaysgah go and give them a scroll!!

Where can we get our hands on your creations?
For custom orders and collabs hit me up on my Instagram @olive_made or shop online at

You can now find Olive’s work in stores and online at Kinship Workroom.