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Georgia is a DJ and the co-founder of Loose Change Events.


Georgia Bird (Spressy Mar)



Favourite place on earth?
My bed [haha].

How would you describe yourself in five words
Really, Really, Fun, Positive and Social. 

How did you get started in DJ-ing?
I started when I was 19. I started playing a lot of different musical instruments from a young age, as well as participated in many bands during school. I got into DJ-ing after school when I stopped playing in bands and decided to do my own thing.

What’s your drink of choice?
Definitely a spressy mar (espresso martini) if I’m spoiling myself. Or just a Furphy or Mountain Goat.

Who/ or what inspires you?
So many things inspire me everyday. There are endless musicians who inspire me, local and international. I’m strongly inspired by female DJs and idolise them. I get inspired by specific songs or records I find that make me want to continue DJ-ing. I think a song has to inspire something within me to make me want to play it. Otherwise why would I play it?

Where would we find you on a Sunday morning?
Definitely in bed or kick-ons [haha] I rarely feel good on a Sunday morning.

What are your plans for the future?
I have a lot of plans for my DJ career. Hopefully travel and DJ in Europe. I also want to be running my own nights with my DJ crew in Melbourne clubs. Maybe one day own my own bar or club, or record label.

Where do you feel most creative?
Probably just at home. I feel safe and no pressure when I’m mixing. I try new things with no one around and experiment with my mixing.

Who are the women who you look up to and why?
I look up to a few female DJs such as Nite Fleit, CC disco, Avalon Emerson, Pjenne, Marie Davidson, to name a few. I think a lot of these female djs have their own sound and are so versatile. I always enjoy hearing their mixes or seeing them out and about in Melbourne. They inspire me with their sounds. Especially Marie Davidson’s live sets, they are so dope! I’ve been really inspired by break beat techno and acid house recently.

Where and when can we see you play?
I’m doing gigs every weekend all around Melbourne. I do regular gigs at Greenwood Loft on Smith Street. I’ve got some more gigs coming up at Dingos Bar, Holy Moly, Bimbos and the Gasometer.

Instagram: @spressymar

Georgia has recently launched Loose Change Events with DJ, Asha Carrington. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook.